What exactly is "koinonia"?

The word "koinonia" is Greek for "deep fellowship."

In the bible, we learn about a God who is not distant and unapproachable, but one who actually longs to have "koinonia" with each one of us. As we restore our broken relationship with God, first learning how to have "koinonia" with Him, we find that we are also able to experience this kind of deep fellowship with one another.

ABSK is a community that strives to practice John 13:34-35, where Jesus says:
"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.
By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Come join us!

ABSK gets together for weekly bible study & fellowship, as well as for retreats, study breaks, sports, food, outings and all kinds of fun activities through the year. Sign up for our mailing list or check out our Facebook page to see our latest events. We'd love to meet you. Come visit or get in touch for more info!

Bible Studies

ABSK has bible studies from 8-10pm on Thursdays at Stokes S115. We enjoy bible study, a home-cooked dinner and fun group fellowship. Come join us!


We're not only serious about spiritual food, but about awesome physical food as well. We love to eat together. Stick with us and you ain't going hungry...


Like hanging out and playing games? So do we!
Come unwind after a hectic week of classes with lots of games, fun and laughter at ABSK Thursday fellowship.


Want to get off campus? Food tours, hiking, skiing, kayaking, bowling, Chinatown runs, exploring New England, NYC trips — check out our latest ABSK events.


Want to play ball? We're a friendly bunch who like to stay active. Come get to know us over some bball at the Rec, or a pickup football game, or over a volleyball net.

Looking for a church?

We hope that you can find a church in the Boston area. If you're interested in visiting church with us or have questions, contact Joseph Kim at eugene [.] kim [.] 7 [at] bc [.] edu